About Me.

I’m a Texan, living in the Chi. I write to release, kill time & ease my mind. God is the big homie. I couldn’t imagine life without; avocados, hot sauce or mac&cheese.

I’m drawn to 

originality (I can’t stand a copy&paste – no credit given mf), 

authenticity (if you’re one to remind people how real you are, all the time, stay farrr away from me)

and creativity (oh, so you’re dope DOPE). In many forms. I’m sweet &/or sassy on any given day.

And to me, scenic views are love. But, best place to find me … is in my writing.

I graduated with a BBA, majoring in Computer Information Systems and minoring in Statistics. Currently work as a software Consultant. I’m a creative at heart, with a genuine appreciation for art, dance, designing and . I love helping others. etc. etc. etc.